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Pat Burns & Andy Attar Seminar

Boston, GA
December 14-17, 2023

Registration Now Open!
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For over 50 years, Pat Burns and Andy Attar have been colleagues, competitors, and most importantly, great friends. Join us this December in Boston, GA for a four-day training seminar with Pat and Andy! This workshop will focus on developing transition level dogs to turn them into legitimate All-Age competitors.

“Andy has an amazing ability to read and understand dogs. His insights allow him to adjust his training program to bring out an individual’s greatest strengths and improve on every weakness”

- Pat Burns

Let Pat & Andy help you develop a training plan to bring your dog to the next level!

Handler spots - $850

Observer spots - $300

Andy Attar Pic.jpg

Andy Attar

Andy has been training since 1985. Starting at Handjem with Mike Lardy, he developed a young dog program that is still current and relevant today. During his time with Handjem, Andy was fortunate to train and handle some great dogs; including Big River Bon Amie, Candlewoods Super Tanker, Gusto Lost Control, Candlewoods Tanks A lot, Hattie Macbunn and Honest Abe. These great dogs and countless others have helped to shape and define Andy’s career.

Forming Autumn Run in 1993, Andy has trained a national derby champion, multiple top 10 derby dogs, and nearly 50 champions, making Autumn Run one of the premier professional kennels today.

Over the years, Andy has lectured and conducted many workshops and seminars. Whether working with puppies or All-Age dogs, Andy aims to educate and enhance the skill sets of competitive retriever handlers.

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