Recurring Training Group; Heading to Michigan for Final Session...

We are heading back to Michigan for the fourth and final training session of 2014.  This state and the property is near and dear to my heart.  I lived in Michigan from 1986-2006.  I designed and developed the grounds in Fenwick, Michigan that we train on.  These grounds are widely used in Central Michigan.  It brings back memories of great dogs, great friends and great times.  

This venue of a “Recurring Training Group” is one of my favorites.  This format allows me to watch the development of my students over the course of a season.  I assign homework items for both dog’s and handlers.  We often correspond regarding their progress.  I am then able to witness their development and travel along in their journey.  Many of the students will follow me south for refresher sessions later in the fall and the following spring.  I have 2 similar formats planned for this upcoming year.  The first will start in Thomasville, Georgia then end up in upstate New York.  The other in its third season,  takes place in Camden, South Carolina in the spring.  And the Michigan group is planning a similar schedule for late spring and summer of 2015.
So until later….