Elite Retrievers reporting from the 2016 National Amateur

32 years ago today I was headed to Stowe, Vt for the 1984 National Amateur Championship. I was assisting Rex Carr in pre-national training. The group consisted of 4 women handlers Judy Aycock, Delma Hazzard, Leslie Karnes and Betty Schrader. All 4 handlers were finalists! The winner was Judy with Trumarc's Zip Code. This marked the beginning of my professional career. I am just as excited today on my trek to Vermont.

I am honored to join the Retriever News Team in providing coverage for the 2016 National Amateur Championship.  Here is the latest news flash from RFTN.

"This Year the Retriever News Team has recruited some fresh perspectives. With the likes of Pat Burns from Elite Retrievers & Jamie Woodson a 2016 NARC competitor."


"At the news desk we aim to put our fans in the front row seats of the event. Not only will we give you minute to minute coverage on the competitors performances. We will now offer our fans the ability to ask questions to a seasoned Field Trial Professional of 30 + years & a competitor who is going to step to the line,heart a pounding! How exciting! So to take advantage of this awesome opportunity, jump on the Retriever News Facebook page & send us your questions via Messenger! "

So come join me for the 2016 National Amateur.