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Thomasville, GA, Boot Camp

Retriever Training Boot Camp is an ideal programmatic approach for a group of four to eight dogs with similar capabilities, and two to four handlers who can benefit from intensive work for a period of at least five days. This is the ideal time-frame in which issues can be identified, and precisely targeted strategies for advancement can be established and implemented.

As the title would suggest, “boot camp” consists of a torrent of training skills, including a regiment of basic fundamental training. This basics review will give handlers the confidence necessary to address field issues that may be plaguing performance and limiting expectations.

With a working goal of helping handlers rise to excellence, boot camp sessions include drills and exercises to enhance handler capabilities, including red zone handling, getting the first look and reading momentum changes on blinds. Additionally, numerous field trial setups, teaching scenarios and drills are designed to advance teamwork efforts.

Appropriate as pre-season prep or Pre-National Training, the boot camp sessions are an effective way for even the most advanced dogs to refresh the skills and agilities they will need to advance in competition.

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Thomasville, GA, Boot Camp