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Fenwick, MI, Recurring Training Group

Recurring Training Groups

The venue of a “Recurring Training Group” is one of Pat’s favorites. Generally spanning the course of three to five days, group sessions are customized to advance eight to ten dogs per session.

The structure is based on a model of multiple sessions, usually a month to six weeks apart. There will be homework assignments and a series of drills of varying intensity that can be practiced at home. This course model allows Pat to witness the development of the teams over the course of a season. Many of the students  will follow Pat to Tennessee later in the year.  

Custom retriever-training sessions give both dogs, and handlers, plenty of experience on some of the best land and water facilities in the country. Specific training issues and core drills will be ad-dressed. Participants will come away with the skills and knowledge to become a more accomplished handler, and a strong team leader.  

Additionally, an intensive pre-training two-day jump start is often available prior to the group sessions.

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