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Burnsham,ME- Sugarfoot Kennels 4-day Workshop

Supercharge your training season with a unique four-day intensive. Whether participating as a handler, or an observer, although focused and fast-paced, these sessions still allow for plenty of time for dog work, question and answer sessions and continuing education from today’s most highly-respected professional retriever trainers.   There are dual goals for the workshops: 1) to provide a sounding board on dealing with the dilemmas faced in retriever training and handling; and (2) to provide participants and observers with game day and training strategies that help dog and handler teams compete at their maximum potential. Participants will learn how yard work and drills build key attitudes that translate to more confident fieldwork. You will learn the importance of rewarding effort, and why this is especially important with “hot hooligans.” Ten dog/handler teams will be chosen. Observer spots are limited. The Early Field Trial atmosphere evolves, as the workshop progresses, to lots of training and discussion, based on observed dog and handler behaviors, resulting in a dynamic event that presents a different experience based on the participants involved.