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Farmer/Lardy Symposium Boston, GA

We’re going to do it again!

WHY, you might be asking yourself. I’ll tell you why, my friend… 


After the 2017 Symposium, both Danny and Mike voiced a desire to talk about things that were left unsaid.  Danny’s ready for a “rematch!”  In all seriousness, both Danny and Mike are more comfortable with each other and with the format.  It’s likely they will express themselves more freely (maybe to a fault.)  It is their wish to have a Part II in order to clarify and discuss in greater depth their unique style and approach to training today’s most elite retrievers. 

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In Part I, we only scratched the surface. For Part II, I will play the devil’s advocate so we can ensure provocative discussions on topics like: 

-Approach to basics.

-Starting Blinds.

-Problem Solving.

We plan to have more opportunities for questions & answers.  Nothing is off the table.

Oh, and did I mention, it will all take place on one of the premier grounds in the country - Parramore Fish, Boston, GA.

I am super psyched for you to join us.

Observer Only Registration
begins midday January 1st on our website!