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Competitive Edge

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Here are a few tips for conditioning from Dr Jennell Apel. “What is your take on the things that you implemented in your work with Handjem? Can you prioritize the things you think that were the most beneficial? Overall, I believe the two most beneficial things we implemented were the consistency of warm-up/cool down walks, and the endurance conditioning. The effects of these were quite evident, not only in the improved recovery time the dogs experienced following a test, which was observed by those training them, but in the significant decrease in orthopedic injuries I had to manage within the season. Providing physical and mental outlets for athletes of any species is so important when it comes to performance, and a wonderful way to balance the demands of training. The gap between first place and fourth is smaller than ever and any thing we can do to achieve the slightest edge on our competitors has merit. A truly physically and mentally fit dog may be just the edge you need." Pat

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