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Pat Burns & Ray Voigt Seminar

Boston, GA

December 16-19, 2021

Registration Opens October 2021

Come and spend 3 1/2 days with Ray Voigt and myself on a detailed immersion experience focusing on managing and advancing marking for dogs of all levels.  Ray and I will share with you our experience on teaching field trial dogs to be disciplined as well as relaxed in their marking.  There is a delicate balance that has to be maintained in today’s world of all-age field trialing.  We will show you what techniques we have used in training some of the multiple field trial champions as well as a number of national champions that we have had the pleasure to work with.  

Stay tune for more details this fall. 

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Ray Voigt

Ray Voigt was born and raised in Northern Minnesota where he fell in love with animals and the outdoors. Ray trained dogs professionally for 17 years,14 of which were spent with Mike Lardy’s Handjem Retrievers. During his time with Handjem, Ray helped 48 dogs earn their FC and AFC titles. Ray himself has handled 13 National Open finalists and helped coach clients to 25 National finishes. He has trained 3 National Amateur Champions and 1 National Open Champion. Now in a role with Nestle Purina, Ray looks forward to giving back to the wonderful dog sports that have given so much to him over the years.