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What does it mean to be bombproof?

In my 40 years of training, this is what I have learned separates top dogs from the rest.


Picture this, a year from now, you are standing in the holding blind about to go to line at the most significant event you have ever been to. The dogs all around you are crashing and burning. OMG, they aren’t stopping on the whistle. It’s the hardest blind you have ever done.

You tell yourself: “I’ve got this. We’ve done our homework.” You walk to the line, and your confidence is unmistakable. Your dog feels your positive energy and leadership. The blind starts to follow the path of the previous dogs. However, through your perseverance and determination, you “right the ship” and finish the blind strong. BAM, the gallery erupts, and the judge congratulates you on your performance.

As you walk off the line, you tell yourself that a year ago you never could have done that. Your dog would have gone out of control just like the rest. Because your “SIT” is Bombproof, you achieved something you only dreamed of. Now anything is possible!


The Bombproof Basics Method™

I’m here to make you the trainer/mentor that your dog wants you to be. Let’s make you into a trainer that isn’t constantly second-guessing yourself into one that exudes confidence. Your ability to read and understand your dog on an elite level will create a relationship based on trust and respect. You will accomplish more than you ever imagined.

"In my 40+ year career, I have come to realize that the most successful dogs aren’t necessarily the most gifted. They are the best prepared. The single biggest reason that dogs fail to achieve their full potential is an incomplete foundation. To be successful, you must put your focus on creating Bombproof Basics.  I know I can help you with this mission."

That's why I created Bombproof Basics—a unique course designed to develop a foundation that will never falter once mastered. A reliable Basics foundation in a retriever's training is a 6-month investment into a 10-year career. Solid Basics will last a lifetime, and if you commit to the process, you won't spend the rest of your dog's career training in fear. All too often, students tell me why they can't address a problem in training. Comments like "I can't correct my dog for not stopping at the end of a blind because he will shut down." I take that to mean that when a certain standard of behavior is demanded, my dog will quit in protest. Pretty soon, you'll wonder, who is training who? ​


​Creating resilience and mental toughness doesn't happen by chance. It takes Commitment, Consistency, and Repetition. It starts with baby steps early in basics and enhances over time. The outcome is a well-rounded student prepared for the inevitable highs and lows. It is a beautiful thing to see. A confident dog that doesn't fall apart when the going gets tough. Combine that with talent and a comprehensive training program; the sky's the limit!

Enrollment Re-Opening in 2025

In this online course, I will teach you the principles behind each step in a specific way that many trainers miss. When you understand the principles, you are no longer held hostage to the steps. You will be confident in making adjustments necessary for the individual dog. We MUST ensure your dog understands each Basics Retriever training program component. You will feel like you have been training beside me for the next six months.

What’s inside of the Bombproof Basics course???

10 modules including over 95 videos
(11+ hours of training footage)

20+ hours of Q&A sessions 

Multiple PDF’s including my Basics flow chart along with diagrams, pictures of setups & essential equipment list

1 Kickoff Class (I want to share my vision for your success)

BONUS: Starting in May

3 Live Virtual Classes - We will go deeper into the trainings and address issues that commonly arise at each stage of training.

This is a total brain dump from my 40-year career and everything I know about Basics. 


As I said earlier, it will feel like you have trained with me every day for the entire six months. The videos will show the good sessions and the not so good. It will prove invaluable when bringing up your next pup and providing the necessary tools to troubleshoot problems with older dogs. The course will also give you a clearer understanding of how these skills interact in advanced retriever training.​​

What do you say??  I’m excited to get started in May.  I hope you will join me. 

Enrollment closed

What others are saying about the Bombproof Basics Method:

How Bombproof Basics has Transformed my Approach.
I can tell you that 2 1/2 years ago when this little girl, Trace, came into my life we used the Bombproof Basics Approach. She went from learning to "Sit" to a Junior Hunter. On to Master in 2023, 7 Master tests and 7 passes. Now we are training for the Master National Hunt Test.
This basics program gave me a step-by-step video of dogs doing the program and having problems and being worked through the problems during the exercise, drill or task with solutions of how to work through them. In saying that I can tell you we did have problems and we worked through them. Sometimes we spent more time, in days, on a drill. Sometimes we had to go back and work into it again.

This is my very first Master Hunter and I have been doing this for almost 30 years. No one close to me trained their own retriever from basics to Master/All Age. So, I had no one to help me through a problem and when I had a problem things would get worse not better.

Pat's Bombproof Basics made things so easy to "Teach" with "How to fix problems" .
Thanks Pat for teaching me to be a retriever trainer.
Rick Schneider


Rick S

What’s inside the program?

If you were to work with me or another trainer in the field, this program would cost over five times more. But I want to reach and support more trainers all over the country. I use REAL videos of dogs going through this process to teach Bombproof Basics. It’s as close to 1:1 as you will get.

Module 1: Basic Obedience

Overview: Transitioning from “Want To” to “Have To”

In module 1 we are working towards a more precise and structured response to the basic obedience commands. We will introduce light amounts of pressure to reinforce the commands we have previously taught.

Module 2: Force Fetch

Overview: “The Foundation for The Commitment To “GO”

This is the beginning of making your dog Bombproof. There are 3 essential things that must be made bombproof during basics. They are Go, Stop & Come. This is the “Go” part. This is a very in-depth module. This is reality TV at its best.

Module 3: E-Collar Conditioning


I will cover the steps of collar conditioning. In the opening video I state, this was the module that I struggled with the most.I find that I collar condition in 2 stages. The first stage occurs prior to Force Fetch. It is an abbreviated version of collar conditioning used to mostly reinforce “Here” and “Sit”. I will then do a more formal version towards the tail end of Force Fetch. There are 4 videos in this module. The final 2 videos will more resemble a classic version of e-collar conditioning.

Module 4: Mini-T


I will show you the steps of Mini-T. Mini-T lays the groundwork for Double-T. Mini-T is where we transition from “Fetch” to “Back”. This is where we teach the over and back cast. We will do our first Force on Back. Sitting on a whistle and casting will all be covered in this module.

Module 5: Double-T


I cover Double-T from soup to nuts. This is the largest module in the entire course. There are 14 videos in the Double-T Module. I believe that this step in Basics maybe the most important of all.

Module 6: Swim-by


In the 9 videos in this module, we will cover in detail the Swim-by procedure as well as its purpose. The layout for Swim-by is just a Single-T on the water. It will then incorporate a form of discipline casting that we just learned on Double-T along with a commitment to stay in the water.

Module 7: Wagon Wheel Drills


Module 7 covers the Wagon Wheel Drills. I will cover both the Wagon Wheel Lining & the Wagon Wheel Casting Drills. These drills are designed to focus on the lining and casting mechanics that are necessary to run blind retrieves

Module 8: Pattern Blinds


Module 8 covers Pattern Blinds. I will explain the purpose of pattern blinds. I emphasize that the intention for pattern blinds is to make the transition to cold blinds smoother. I embrace opportunities to work on handling. I add some diversions with the sole purpose of creating more dilemmas that lead to some difficult handling situations

Module 9: Starting Blinds


Module 9 starts out with a discussion about starting blinds. I describe the things I like to have in place prior to starting blind retrieves.

Module 10: Cheating Singles


In the 10th and final module, I stress the importance of maintaining a healthy attitude around the water. We follow Joker while he does 9 cheating singles. I describe the themes for each set of the cheating singles beginning with cutting a corner of water and finishing with some complex re-entry factors. We initiate a few Swim-By casts when Joker tries to cheat the return. The final video demonstrates how I like to review Swim-By when Joker puts up a fight during one of the set ups.

Enrollment Closed

Remember: In the department store of Life, this is the toy department!! So, let’s have fun.



14-day Risk Free Guarantee

Having been through this process for over 40 years, I’m confident that the Bombproof Basics method works! But if you’re not happy with the program, then you can take advantage of my 14-day money-back guarantee. All you have to do is reach out within 14 days of purchase, and I’ll give you your money back.

No harm. No foul.

  • What type of dogs does Pat train?
    Pat specializes in training and mentoring retriever teams (handler & canine) for field trial competition and hunt tests. He also consulting in other sporting dog venues.
  • Do you take dogs in for training?
    Pat doesn’t take dogs in for training. Pat’s training model is intended to teach people how to train with their own dogs. Pat does this through Bootcamps, Workshops, Day Training and Online Mentoring Programs.
  • What is the difference between Bootcamps, Workshops and Day Training?"
    Bootcamps are an intense 5 Day Sessions. They last all day and include the maximum amount field work and attention that a day allows. Day training more resembles every day training. It typically includes 2 setups and is best used as a long-term program. Workshops are more like a seminar style event. They are usually sponsored by clubs or training groups. Workshops usually span 3-4 days.

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