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Wagon Wheel Lining Drill

Mastering the art of subtle communication on line

There are 3 things that I consistently see handlers struggle with.The first is the handler’s inability to tell where the dog is looking or to line them up accurately. Second is the challenge of getting their dog to move fluidly on line. And finally, the technique of seamlessly setting their dog up upon delivery for the next retrieve. I call it “First Look“.


Line Mechanics Self Study

It’s all won and lost in the 5-foot circle

I am going to take you on a journey that has lasted me nearly forty years. I believe “Line Mechanics for Success” is going to help you understand the significance of every minute detail that goes on in the 5-foot circle.  I am going take you inside the mindset of a handler/trainer that has stood next to literally hundreds of retrievers of all levels. 


Expert Insights Library

6 Experts, 6 Webinars

Six AMAZING webinars with some of the top names in the game.  Get unlimited lifetime access to this amazing video series!

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