What Others Are Saying

Bill Benson: Congratulations to Bill Benson and The Boys at Handjem for raising another banner. 3 NAFCs in the last 5 years is awfully impressive!

Bill Benson: Congratulations to Bill Benson and The Boys at Handjem for raising another banner. 3 NAFCs in the last 5 years is awfully impressive!

"Little can be more frustrating to the owner of a talented and accomplished dog than, either through lack of experience or ability, being unable to get through the first, let alone the fourth, series of a field trial.   

Enter me.  Right Start and Handjem had done magnificent jobs in training Roxie.  I was playing catch-up big time.

While at Handjem, Pat's coaching was invaluable in giving me the tools to stand over Roxie as she earned her AFC, qualified for 4 National Amateurs in a row, and acquired over 50 AA Amateur Points to date, with, hopefully, many more to come.

Pat's knowledge of dogs, handling, and the sport in general is a given; however, where Pat truly excels is his unique ability to train handlers.  He's approachable, and his easy going manner and patience puts you at ease while he intuitively identifies your and your dog's problems providing understandable solutions and the rational behind them.  Your interaction with Pat will be one of the most informative and enjoyable you have ever experienced, and I cannot more highly recommend Pat to those who want to be the best they can possibly be while standing on line with their dog.  Guns up!"

Bill Benson

"I want to thank both of you for the great four days. The set ups, information and analysis of both were important to me and I suspect all in attendance.
I learned a lot, and gained a great deal of confidence.  Particularly with my analyzing skills, which were severely lacking. Started to understand dog behavior better and how to cope with problems as they arise.
I’m glad you talked me into going and I hope you think about doing it again next year."

Jane B Dunn
Holly Hill Training Center, LLC

"Martha and I want thank you for your insights, instincts and instruction over many years. Your ability to make your points understood  and clear , is an ability that is unique to you. To prove that point,we quote you all the time.

Thank you again for all you have contributed to our lives. Go team Burns!!!"

John and Martha Russell,  2003 & 2014  National Amateur Champions 

"I was fortunate enough to spend five days training with Pat Burns at the 2014 spring boot camp in Fenwick Michigan. Pat helped me tremendously handling at the end of a blind with his " Red Zone" philosophy.  The themes of his training setups on blinds and marks was an aspect I had not considered, and now consistently use. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the spot are contagious and his technique for helping you the handler is excellent.

Sylvia McClure

Sylvia McClure

He is a " Great" teacher of the game. Pat gave me homework assignments and checks in to see how I am doing. He works hard to get to know you and YOUR dog so he can give you the best information possible. I took away a great deal from his seminar and carried it with me to the 2014 National Amateur where my dog finished as a Finalist.  Thanks Pat!"

Sylvia McClure

"I have had the privilege of knowing Pat for many years.  We first met before he became a professional dog trainer.  I have always been impressed with his enthusiasm, curiosity and open mind.  Once he started training dogs these traits served him well.

As Pat has matured and changed his focus from dog training to people training his ability to communicate his vast dog knowledge with all levels of students is his number one asset.  I have the utmost respect for his dedication to both help and inspire his clients, be they national finalists or hunt test competitors. Being around Pat is fun as his ebullience is contagious.  I love to "talk dogs" with him and always come away more informed and more questioning."

Judy Aycok



"As a novice handler, and very new to the sport of running dogs in hunt tests and field trials, Pat Burns’ workshops and training groups have given me the foundation I need to move ahead in the sport. I attended my first workshop a little less than one year ago, with a young dog that had just completed her Junior Hunter title. In the first few hours I realized I was FAR less experienced than all the others in the group (and understatement to say the least!) These experienced handlers, amateurs and professionals alike, had run dogs in Field Trials for years – they had experienced dogs and they knew so much more than me. For the next four days I took it all in, I ran my young hunt test dog on set-ups that challenged her and challenged me as a handler, but were completely appropriate for our level. I learned so much watching the other dogs run and listening to Pat’s evaluative comments. I gained confidence and never once did I feel that I didn’t belong. Pat happily adapted the work to our level and coached me with the same encouragement as he did the seasoned handlers.

I credit Pat for his ability to bring out the best in the dogs and their handlers, regardless of how new to the sport they might me. Pat’s training sessions and workshops can advance anyone, from the most experienced handler to the handler new to the game.'

Betsy Broyd

"For those who have not attended one of Pat's group seminars I highly recommend attending one. Pat has great insight into dogs and gets a feel for each one fairly quickly plus he has excellent people skills. We had an array of dogs from National Finalists to Derby dogs, handlers from National caliber to novice. each setup is customized to suit the dog and handler teams. This was a great 5 day event which I best described as pre National training without the pressure of the National. I hope to do one more this year with my young Holland X Tia male who had a great learning experience. Thanks Pat!!!! This was our second seminar with Pat this one as informative and enjoyable as the first, I hope it becomes an annual event......and he brought us great weather last year and this year!"

Edward Aycock