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(Recording) A Plan of Action: Advanced Dog Problem Solving

Big thanks to Purina Pro Plan for sponsoring our 2022 Master Class webinars

with Elite Retrievers.

Over the course of my forty-year career, I have been blessed to be around some of the most accomplished Field Trial Retrievers our sport has seen. In my early years of training, I thought the great dogs didn’t have problems. I just assumed that their whole career went without a hitch... but I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Here's a recording of the February 2022 Purina Masterclass. I discuss the strategy I use to diagnose and address training and performance challenges in advanced dogs. Even the most accomplished dogs have flaws, but it's how you address them that determines your future success. Happy Training!


Mark your calendars, and REGISTER NOW!

I’ve partnered with some of the sport’s most elite competitors to bring you a 6-part webinar series focused on Building Exceptional Retrievers. Each conversation will dive into a different topic as we explore the training methods, techniques, and strategies that have made each of these competitors successful.

** Registration for the entire series is only open until 2/28/22. Don't miss this!

Our Featured Experts:

Mike Lardy

March 16, 2022

Teaching Advanced Marking Concepts: Vital Concepts for All-Age Dogs

Danny Farmer

April 5, 2022

Game Day Handling Strategies & The Skills Needed to Be a Great Handler

Jim Van Engen

May 18, 2022

Developing Young Dog Marking: 6-12 Months, Derby & Qualifying Dogs

Wayne Curtis

July 13, 2022

Being a Student of the Game: Coaching Competitive Amateur Teams

Pat Nolan

August 17, 2022

Pre-Basics Preparation for Puppies: 8 weeks to 6 months

Judy Aycock

September 13, 2022

Evaluating Dogs for All-Age Potential: What Makes a GREAT Dog

Each webinar will be hosted on Zoom. Because of this, seats are limited!

Participants will be able to participate in Q&A during the LIVE webinar. Can’t join us live? No problem! All registered participants will receive access to the recording.

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