• Pat

"Red Zone" Handling on Blinds

The "Red Zone" is a term I use to describe the critical area at the end of a blind retrieve. The “Red Zone” is where a great blind turns into a failure in a split second. This where you can go from “Cy Young” to “Sayonara”… These difficult blind endings challenge even the most seasoned handlers. Then add long distance, marginal visibility, lunging water, a blind planter trail, unpredictable wind and a fast dog and you might have a disaster!

The “Red Zone” is a term commonly heard in football, referring to the area inside the twenty-yard line. Hall of Fame Coach Joe Gibbs coined the phrase The Red Zone in an article he wrote for the Washington Post in 1982. In the Red Zone the complexion of things change and precise execution is critical. The ability to execute in the Red Zone is the difference between success and failure in both football and field trials.