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Elite Retrievers

Training Program

Training field trial and hunt test retrievers.
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Line Mechanics for Success

It’s all won and lost in the 5-foot circle

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Our Training


The Day School experience is similar to the training experience that dogs and handlers experienced with Pat while at Handjem Retrievers for many years, now with more individual instruction and more customized training.


In the 5 day Bootcamp, we will spend 2 days focusing on sharpening fundamentals, 2 days on field setups and a day on customized needs.

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We offer a variety of workshops to teach you the skills you need to improve your performance.

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Are you interested in one on one coaching with one of America’s premier retriever trainers?  Contact Pat to set up an immersive one-on-one coaching session to take your performance to the next level.


Elite Retriever

If Pat Burns were one of the dogs he trains, he would have put in 261 years on the job by now. If you’re doing the math that equates to more than three decades of coaxing canines into champions and helping handlers handle those canine champions. Pat Burns Elite Retriever Training, serving clients both nationally and abroad, was inspired by Burns’ love of dogs and hunting from an early age.

“I grew up in northwest Indiana where my love for hunting and the outdoors developed,” said Burns. “My love for hunting led me to training my own hunting dogs. I joined a training group and became involved with the Michiana Retriever Club. I was immediately hooked.”

Pat Burns Elite Retrievers

Our Client


Pat's knowledge of dogs, handling, and the sport in general is a given; however, where Pat truly excels is his unique ability to train handlers.  He's approachable, and his easy going manner and patience puts you at ease while he intuitively identifies your and your dog's problems providing understandable solutions and the rational behind them.  Your interaction with Pat will be one of the most informative and enjoyable you have ever experienced, and I cannot more highly recommend Pat to those who want to be the best they can possibly be while standing on line with their dog.  Guns up!"

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Betsy Broyd Says...

I have learned so much about handling a dog from Pat, as he so willingly shares his breadth of knowledge and experience as a field trial handler at the highest level...

—  Betsy Broyd

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