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Building a Successful Amateur Training Group

Join the conversation as we dig into what qualities and dynamics make a successful, competitive Amateur training group. Success in this game is no accident - your entire group must be committed to bringing out the best in each dog and handler.

Guests for this Masterclass are Connie Cleveland & Dennis Voigt.

About Connie: Connie Cleveland-Nolan cannot remember life before dogs. Her introduction to the field trial world started while in High School, working for, and training with Jackie Mertens at Topbrass Goldens. For 15 years she competed solely in AKC Obedience, but was lured back into the Hunt Test and then Field Trial game in 1995.

While living in South Carolina, she spent the next 25 years competing in Obedience and Field Trials with the help of the "Ladies Training Group," a committed group of amateur trainers (and yes, there were male members), who helped one another earn countless hunt test and field trial titles. To date, she has had five titled field trial retrievers, all of whom also earned Obedience Trial Championships.

About Dennis: In the sport for over 50 years, Dennis trains primarily alone but has had the opportunity to train with several amateur groups throughout the years - including one group for several decades! Dennis has made several field champions, won 3 Nationals, and is the publisher of Retrievers ONLINE and creator of several retriever training DVDs.


Huge thank you to Purina for sponsoring the Masterclass series in 2021. Check back in 2022 for more!

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