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Early Season Training Plan Focus - Marking Mechanics

One topic that I've noticed garners a lot of interest in both my Retriever Revolution membership and my Day school program is how to develop a well-thought-out training plan. Specifically, many have asked about my approach to teaching marking concepts during the early season.

In my experience, dedicating a week to a particular marking concept provides a solid foundation for the rest of the training year. I've found that focusing on a single theme allows for thorough exploration and understanding. Typically, I repeat each concept 8-10 times before progressing to the next.

In my latest video, I delve into the details of my early season marking routine, sharing insights and strategies that have proven effective for me. Additionally, I've included diagrams to illustrate some of the key marking concepts I emphasize during my "Theming Marking Concepts" platform.

I hope you consider incorporating them into your spring training sessions.

Stay Thirsty,


P.S.If you find these ideas valuable, I invite you to join the Retriever Revolution priority list.

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