• Pat

From Master Hunter to Qualified All-Age

A Look Into The Challenges Of Transitioning From Hunt Tests To Field Trials

Part 1 “Marking”

One of the most common scenarios I encounter at workshops and day-school is someone’s desire to transition from hunt tests to field trials. Or to experiment with cross training for both venues. The focus of this article is to point out some of the challenges in achieving that goal and to provide insight on making the effort a little less daunting. I’ve separated this discussion into 3 parts and will publish one each week. We will follow this series with a deep-dive discussion during a FREE Purina Masterclass in June – registration details to come!

In this article I will discuss the challenges in adjusting from hunt test style marks to field trials. I’ve identified the main challenges below, and provided a short description. I then picked the top 3 stumbling blocks and provided some training tips so you can get to work!

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