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Every dog sport has their specialists.  I spent the majority of 2006 in Salcha, Alaska working with sled dogs.  I worked with Dr. Arleigh Reynolds who is a Senior Research Scientist for Purina.  Dr. Reynolds also is the reigning two time International Federation of Sled Dog Sports World Champion.  I was interested in his expertise in conditioning and feeding world-class canine athletes.  In turn, I shared with Dr. Reynolds insight into my years of training competitive retrievers.  Modern retriever training techniques place an emphasis on getting the most effort a canine athlete can achieve. Today’s technology combined with a more advanced understanding of canine athletes has resulted in huge strides in training competitive retrievers.

Over the last few years, I have spent time consulting with Jim Keller. He is the owner-operator of Wild Wind Kennels in Knox, Maine.  Jim is an internationally respected Spaniel trainer and handler.  To add to his achievements, Jim just finished an awesome 2014 season, a year that may never be matched in the world of Springer Spaniel field trials.  Jim took first and second place in the National Open Championship, the Purina high point open award, the Hogan Award for the top professional handler in in Springer Spaniel field trials and took over the lead for the all time high point Springer Spaniel.  Jim is on the cutting edge and is very interested in incorporating several of the techniques we have used to produce accomplished winning retrievers.  

I have benefited greatly myself from the exposure to both these great dog trainers.  I am honored to call both these men my friends.

On another note, I would like to announce that the PRTAJudging Seminar Special Committee Summit is scheduled for January 2015 in Thomasville, Georgia. I am excited to be joined on this committee by Mike Lardy, Dave Rorem, Paul Sletten, Wayne Curtis and Marcy Wright.

"The PRTA's number one commitment is to the future of our sport.  It is our aim to assist and provide financial support towards the continuing education of our judges.  These will be judging seminars by the Amateur, for the Amateur."

I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!

Until next time….


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